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A Perfect End to A2 Graduation Ceremony

In June, when everything is?

bright and vibrant hues abound.

Embark on adventures across?

mountains and seas,?

for a bright future awaits.

To all our 2022-23 Malvern College Chengdu graduates, congratulations again on your graduation and many good wishes for a bright future!

On June 21, 2023, a day that all graduating students had been eagerly anticipating, Malvern College Chengdu's 2022-23 A2 graduates received their well-deserved graduation certificates from the Head of School.

This day marked the culmination of their journey with us: Graduation Day!

Greetings From?

Malvern College International

After three years, on this glorious and hopeful day, the management team of Malvern College International came to Chengdu to personally congratulate all our graduates. The team included Ms Jacqueline So (Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Malvern College International (Asia Pacific)), Mr Robin Black (Chairman of the Malvern College Council), Mr Samuel Wu (Director, Malvern College International (Asia Pacific)), Mr Allan Walker (Director of International Schools, Malvern College UK), and Mr Michael Chan (Director, Malvern College International School (Asia Pacific)).

In her speech, Ms Jacqueline So expressed her heartfelt praise and congratulations to the graduates for their excellent qualities and outstanding academic achievements.

"Reflecting on this year and the achievements of our 33 graduates, my heart swells with pride. Your accomplishments are nothing short of remarkable. 33.3% of our students have been accepted by UK G5 universities, 64% have been accepted by QS Top 50 universities, and five have received interview invitations from Oxford and Cambridge. You have been accepted into renowned universities worldwide, spanning the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong China, New Zealand, and Switzerland. Your diverse array of offers encompasses an impressive range of majors, demonstrating the breadth of your talents and interests. Your outstanding achievements have given Malvern College Chengdu a well-deserved reputation as the top international school for college admissions in Southwest China."

Ms Jacqueline So also remarked that achieving excellence is never an easy task, but the one thing we must always do is to persevere.

"Graduates, I want to urge each one of you to never stop dreaming big. Believe in your abilities and have the courage to pursue your dreams, even when faced with daunting challenges. The path to success is rarely easy, and there may be times when you feel discouraged. But always remember, setbacks are opportunities for growth and self-discovery. Embrace resilience, demonstrate unwavering courage, and always keep your dreams firmly in focus.

As you move forward into this next chapter of your lives, take the memories and friendships you have made here and the skills you have learned, and use them to guide you on your journey. You are our future leaders, the ones who will make a real difference in the world. I have no doubt that each one of you will succeed in your chosen career paths."

A ‘Heartfelt’ Message From?

Chairman of Malvern College Council, UK

Mr Robin Black returned to Malvern College Chengdu after a seven-year hiatus. Despite his brief visit, his wit, humour, and gentlemanly erudition left a deep impression on all the students and teachers of MCC. In his speech, Mr Black explained that both he and his father had attended Malvern College UK and this kind of experience played a significant role in the lives of both himself and his father.?He encouraged the graduates to embrace "The Malvern Qualities" as a guiding principle in life, urging them to fearlessly pursue their passions and excel in the areas they love and in making the most of their talents.

"It can be a little bewildering as to what to do, and life after MCC will, I am sure, throw some challenges, a few "curved balls" as the Americans said.

You will need to be flexible, you may well have to start a second or even a third career, re-train and try a different path, but if you can identify an area of your studies and your life here at MCC that you really enjoyed, where perhaps you had a particular passion or expertise in one of your academic subjects or sport, music or art, I would encourage you to follow that path. It's important that you enjoy what you do, if so, then hopefully then you will throw yourself into it and make the most of all the talents you clearly have."

Finally, he concluded his speech with a captivating metaphor, encouraging students to cherish and take care of every aspect of life.

"At a Malvern UK Speech Day a few years ago, I referred to a speech by a senior US businessman who spoke about the five 'balls of life'.

These five balls are:?work, family, health, friends and integrity. It will not be long before you realise that work is the rubber ball. Whenever you fall, you will jump up again, while the other balls are made of glass and are much more precious. If one of them falls, it may not return to its previous form and might well be damaged or even shattered, so please remember to look after them."

Sincere Wishes From?Head of School and MCC Management Team

In the eyes of this graduating class, Dr. Jill Cowie is synonymous with "strictness." Jill often self-deprecatingly refers to herself as the "strict Chinese grandmother" of the children. While she sets high standards in student behaviour and academic requirements, she is also charitable and loving, and willing to devote all her time to her students. In her speech this year, she explained how Malvern's motto, "Wise the one who looks ahead" reminded her of a fable from her favourite novel about ants and locusts.

"This story was written over 2500 years ago, and, in these more enlightened times, we would all agree that both the ant and the grasshopper need to sort out their work-life balance. However, it can still teach us the importance of planning ahead to secure a brighter future. Human beings are complex, and our needs extend beyond basic survival. Indeed, if we look into?psychology, Maslow's theory suggests that to be happy, people need not only food and shelter but security, love and friendship. True fulfilment is achieved when we meet our needs for self-esteem and self-actualisation. People need to feel a sense of achievement: that they have earned the respect of others. They need to feel they have choices and a sense of freedom. They need to feel that their life has purpose and, most challenging of all, that they have achieved their full potential."

Jill not only praised the academic achievements of the graduating class of 2023, but also encouraged them to actively explore and wished them success in different fields.

"I hope that you will continue to strive not for perfection but for excellence. That you will continue to stock your larder with achievements that bring you self-esteem and fulfilment and that you will go on to make a positive contribution to the world, in whatever form that takes for you."


Mr Neil Gillespie, Head of Boarding who spent every day with the students, is affectionately known as Mr Gill by his students. He is always witty and humorous, sharing anecdotes about his interactions with the students. He offered specific advice to the graduates about their future, including expanding their network of contacts, maintaining connections with important individuals, preserving their own identity and culture, and exploring and learning in new educational environments.

"Each one of you have left a lasting impression on the school and school members and what is important is that you will all be remembered for a variety of reasons. Finishing school today does not mean that you become a past student of Malvern, it means you become part of Malvern's history."

The most thrilling moment in the graduation ceremony is undoubtedly the certificate presentation. Graduates strode confidently with their youthful energy as they received their graduation certificates from school.

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Oath to Adulthood

High school graduation signifies a coming of age. This solemn rite of passage to adulthood was conducted under the guidance of Ms Yolanda Zhao, Assistant Head of Chinese National Curriculum, who led students in making a solemn vow.?

Oath to Adulthood

During the graduation ceremony, student and parent representatives also took turns to share their sentiments about their time at MCC.

Head Girl, Crystal Lin spoke with heartfelt words about her transformation at MCC. She shared her journey from being a girl lacking in confidence and aspirations to becoming a confident and courageous individual.

"MCC has also made me realise that there is a vast and mysterious world waiting for me to explore. I got to know that every individual has infinite possibilities, and the environment I have been in here has been inclusive enough to allow diverse interests, hobbies, and ideas to grow. Amongst my classmates, some are good at mathematics, some shine in the field of art, and some are determined to study philosophy. In such an environment, I began to have goals of my own, and I was able to work hard to achieve them. I found the courage to try and to make mistakes and discovered I have the ability to accept my imperfections."

As the parent representative, Ms Jia reflected on her initial hesitations when her child chose Malvern College Chengdu and how her child has now grown into an adult and is about to embark on a new journey in life. Ms Jia said, "I believe that the decision to enrol in Malvern College Chengdu was absolutely right."

Despite experiencing unique time over the past few years, this group of outstanding students has not lost their ambition, passion, or enthusiasm. As Ms Jia said, "My child says that her favourite Malvern Quality is Ambition." With the children having now grown into adults, the parents' guardianship has helped them to overcome past difficulties and challenges and ensured they have continuously surpassed themselves and soared to new heights.

Graduate Performance

Lily Wu —— “殘酷な天使のテ-ゼ”

Bella Jin —— “One Last Kiss”

The School Choir?——“Young and Beautiful”

As the curtain slowly falls on the graduation ceremony, the once ordinary life at Malvern College Chengdu has become an elusive, beyond reach, yesterday.

Graduation is not only a farewell to one journey, but it also opens up countless possibilities. With knowledge as your guide and passion as your driving force you can embark on new adventures ready to make your mark on tomorrow.

The past has set the state and?

the future appears bright.

Embrace the future with?

dreams and courage.

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